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About Me: Passion, Purpose, and Impact

In my journey, I discovered a profound passion for serving the coaching industry. It's not just about business; it's about making a meaningful impact in a niche where transformation and growth thrive.

As someone who aspires to be a coach myself, I deeply understand the challenges and aspirations of fellow coaches. My dedication to this industry stems from a genuine desire to support and uplift others on their journey to success.

Furthermore, my love for learning fuels my commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and strategies. I believe that continuous education is key to providing the highest level of service to my clients.

By combining my passion for coaching with a relentless pursuit of knowledge, I am fully equipped to help you achieve your goals and make a lasting impact in your coaching business.

JV Relampago

Here's how I can help you

Conversion-centric landing pages.

We prioritize user experience principles to ensure seamless navigation and engagement. Leveraging expertise in persuasive copywriting, compelling visuals, and strategic call-to-actions, we create landing pages designed to maximize conversions and drive results.

Average conversion rate: 12% and up

Done-for-you automated funnel system.

This system streamlines your sales process by automating lead nurturing, email sequences, and customer follow-ups, ensuring a smooth journey from initial contact to conversion.

Maximize efficiency, boost conversions by up to 20%

Membership portal set-up and integration.

A cost-effective platform solution for establishing an exclusive online community. Additionally, if you prefer to consolidate all aspects of your online presence within Go High Level, we can seamlessly integrate the Membership Portal into your existing setup, ensuring a cohesive and efficient workflow.

Average operating expenses reduction: 65%

On-going maintenance and consistent optimization.

Ensures that your digital assets, including landing pages, funnels, and membership portals, are continuously monitored, updated, and refined. I handle routine maintenance tasks, implement performance improvements, and stay abreast of industry trends to keep your online presence optimized and effective.

Average stress reduction: 100%, enabling you to concentrate on other aspects of your coaching business and personal life.

Here's some love and words from other coaches.

Meet Coach Mon!

A Facebook Ads Coach

If you're in the coaching niche, and you are planning to create a fully automated, well designed and seamless landing page, I highly recommend JV Relampago! I am very amazed with this person!

Excellent job! I just told him my plans, expectations and my idea then he executed them all! I was surprised it was done and he was able to provide everything, from the design, process and the automation.

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